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Welcome to the Blaska Family Website!

This site is intended for the use and enjoyment of the extended Blaska family.  It is a place to share memories, pictures, contacts, obituaries, historical information and other items of interest.  As the family grows, possibly this venue will help to keep us all a little better connected.  Please feel free to contribute by sending to me what you would like added to the site and I will do my best to put it up.

I hope to further develop the genealogy page as more information comes in and time permits.  Eventually I would like to include an interactive, web based family tree that all can share.  The real treasure, I think, are the great historical photos and documents.  This is the heritage of a German/Bohemian people in America.

Rich Blaska



Greg Peck has a new book out, Memories of Marshall.

About the book: Growing up in a small town is different from life in cities. In a rural community, you know everyone, and most everyone knows your success stories and failures. Greg Peck grew up in such a town, the southern Wisconsin village of Marshall, where he absorbed a farmer's work ethic and learned about Midwestern values. In "Memories of Marshall," he shares stories of a community where close ties magnify each triumph and tragedy.

Book blurb from author Jerry Apps: "Greg Peck offers a fascinating window on life in a Midwestern small town where he grew up and where lifelong memories were and continue to be made."

Author bio: Greg Peck of Janesville is a lifelong Wisconsin resident who retired in 2016 as The Janesville Gazette's opinion page editor. He also worked at newspapers in Oconomowoc and Wisconsin Rapids and won many newspaper and journalism awards, including 12 first-place awards from the Wisconsin Newspaper Association. Peck is author of Death Beyond the Willows, the true story about a 1927 wedding-day tragedy that involved a couple married in his hometown of Marshall. He's a member and former board member of the Wisconsin Writers Association and in 2017 won the WWA's Jade Ring for first place in nonfiction.

Column by Anna Marie Lux for The Janesville Gazette:

My new book, Memories of Marshall, Ups and Downs of Growing Up in a Small Town, is available. Cost is $13.95. I can deliver it to those in Janesville. If I must ship it, the cost is $17.95. Because I self-published it to reduce costs, $10 in profit for every sold goes to the Marshall Area Historical Society.

My address is 1421 Eastwood Ave., Janesville, WI 53545. Make checks payable to me. Please let me know who I'm signing it for.

I will be outside the historical society museum, 128 E. Main St., Marshall, for a second signing from 8:30 to 12:30 Sunday, Sept. 27.



Click to see the NEW website by David Blaska for the old
St. Wenceslaus "Island Church"!


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