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Welcome to the Blaska Family Website!

This site is intended for the use and enjoyment of the extended Blaska family.  It is a place to share memories, pictures, contacts, obituaries, historical information and other items of interest.  As the family grows, possibly this venue will help to keep us all a little better connected.  Please feel free to contribute by sending to me what you would like added to the site and I will do my best to put it up.

I hope to further develop the genealogy page as more information comes in and time permits.  Eventually I would like to include an interactive, web based family tree that all can share.  The real treasure, I think, are the great historical photos and documents.  This is the heritage of a German/Bohemian people in America.

Rich Blaska



Click to see the NEW website by David Blaska for the old
St. Wenceslaus "Island Church"!


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