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David Blaska has done some fine research and has contributed the following:

I had to go on-line when the 1940 Census was released this week. Plowed my way to Census Enumeration District (ED) 96 -- which is Town of Sun Prairie. On page 2 I found John Sr., John Jr., Ben Blaska, and Hugo Tiedt and Carl Weisensel, the latter two forming the basis of the farm of our misbegotten youth. Many familiar names as you work thru all the pages of the Town of S.P. BTW: village of S.P. is ED 36-97.

Learned that J.M. and Rose and Great-grandpa and g-g'ma finished the 8th grade and no more. Only Juanita, John, Greg, and Elaine were home at the time. J.M. put down he worked 60 hours that week. Some farmers put down 80 or 100 hours. Census taken in early April.

I think this link will take you there (might want to link to your website):  http://1940census.archives.gov/search/?search.census_year=1940&search.county=Dane%20County&search.page=6&search.result_type=image&search.state=WI#filename=m-t0627-04471-00552.tif&name=13-96&type=image&state=WI&index=2&pages=26&bm_all_text=Bookmark

Otherwise, here is the downloaded document: 

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