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Here are a collection of historical photographs relating to the Loewenthal family.  The text is written by Susan Loewenthal Lourenco. 

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Jennie Elkan Loewenthal, my paternal Grandmother, after whom I am named Susan JANE, with Ellie Loewenthal Rosenfeld, my cousin, in 1913 (in a park, probably in Berlin). Note: Jennie Loewenthal died in 1921.

Theodor Loewenthal, Opalin = the Grandfather from Berlin, which is what I called him - my paternal grandfather, and his brother Gustav - walking in Wiesbaden, Germany, in April 1937.

My mother, Ilse Stenger Loewenthal, giving me a hand, in the garden of the house at 71 Templars Avenue, London, May 24, 1936.

Me on February 13, 1935, with sausage, (a “hot dog,” a “Wiener?”), sent by Opalin from his factory/butcher shop in Berlin (I’m just over two months old) .

My father, a few years earlier, when he still had a full head of hair, as a young soldier in the First World War, World War I. The photo says, “Prague, 1917.” Since my Father was born in December 1899, he was a very young soldier! I know he saw no action, and that he didn’t want to serve….

My father, Hans Loewenthal, as a young scientist at the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin.

Birthday photo, December 1937: 2 years (Note: fluffy stuffed animal).

My Father and me in Minehead, a beach in Somerset, England, August 17, 1937.

My Mother, holding me holding tight, in the garden, probably in 1937.

Opalin came to visit me in London, but, sadly, went back to Germany, and you know what happened. I don’t know which house this is. Ours was not covered in ivy, but it was certainly in London, June 2, 1936.

Me in the garden of 71 Templars Avenue, in London (note: Foxy – which Uncle Peter had and the full size doll in the push chair).

Me reading in the garden at 1 North Road, Berkhamsted. It’s the summer of 1940, and the war, World War II, is on. We now have left London to “be safe” from the bombs, the “Blitz” and are in Berkhamsted (where bombs also fell).

My sister and I, Evelyn Ann, (I call her Li), in the garden in Berkhamsted.

My sister and I, in the garden in Berkhamsted, March 1943. Note: we often wore the same clothes.

My sister and I on her tricycle in the garden at Berkhamsted. There was nobody to do repairs, the old wooden fence, between our house and the neighbors, blew down, and it stayed that way, for years.

World War II is over, and we can again begin to travel. My sister and I at Stonehenge in England. Note: I must be in my “growth spurt” years, as I am all legs, probably in 1946.

Berkhamsted School for Girls. This must be after an intramural sports competition which we won! In the photo are some of the senior members of Holme House. The older girls are in the front. Probably 1949 or 1950. (Can you find me)?

Me with Aunt Rose, an American cousin of my Father’s. She lived in New York City, visited us in England, also when we were in Switzerland. She spoiled me! At Windsor Castle, August, 1952.

Me with walking stick, so it must be Switzerland, probably 1949 or 1950.

Me, December 1950.

Me (a bit overweight) in the garden of 11 Kingsley Close, London, where my parents moved to from Berkhamsted. Probably 1953 (before I went to Oxford).

Me, again with walking stick, again in Switzerland, at the age of 15.

Me in Darbishire Quad, Somerville College, Oxford, October 1954, as a “freshman.” I am dressed in what is called “sub fusc:” a dark suit, a white shirt with a black tie (but I used to wear a black velvet ribbon), dark stockings – can’t remember if tights already existed then, a gown and a soft mortar board. We had to wear this outfit for University examinations, of which there are very few in Oxford: one in freshman year, then another at Finals, in the final year of university. But we had to wear gowns to all University lectures and for all our tutorials (when we saw our “tutors” once a week).

These are all of the pictures I have so far.  If you have any that you would like to put up, please contribute by contacting the author, mailto:  rich@blaska.com


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