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This page is dedicated to the sharing of information regarding the Blaska family history and genealogy.  In addition to to historical articles and links below, it is my hope to add a complete family tree that can be updated as more buds, branches and limbs are populated.  If you are interested, please contribute by contacting the author, mailto:

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Landskroner Emigration to the American Midwest

by Edward G. Langer

The link above is an extensive biographical and historical work about the many German speaking people who migrated from the troubled land of Bohemia (currently the Czech Republic) to the fertile lands of Wisconsin in the 1850s.  The Blaska family's great grandfather, Johann Blaschka, is mentioned.  Ms. Burdette Blaska has contributed some of her historical documents and biographical work for Mr. Langer's research.


This link is to a page that is a part of website that describes a wonderful piece of Blaska heritage, The Island Church.  Built in 1863 and closed in 1891, this Catholic church was among the first that served the German Bohemian community that thrived around Waterloo, WI. 

After laying shuttered but preserved for 85 years, David Blaska & Lisa Sieczkowski were married in the church.  The Island Church Foundation was formed in the the 1980's to further restore and preserve the old log structure, cemetery and grounds.  

See the NEW St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, the "Island Church" website:


A Visit to the Old Country

In April 2007 several Blaskas traveled to Horni Houzovec, formally known in the German as Hertersdorf, in the Czech Republic.  You are welcome to view the pictures that we had taken on this trip.



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