Historical Photos



Here are a collection of historical photographs relating to the Blaska family. 

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Anna Fieldler Blaska

Anna Blaska Fisher Wedding Party

Anton & Therese (Stangler) Schuster Family

Ben & Elvina Blaschka

Blaskas 8 at Home Xmas

Burdette Blaska, Baby

Burdette Blaska

Burdette Blaska, Nurse

Blaska Christmas

Evelyn Owens

Evelyn & Lila Blaska

Ben & Evelyn Blaska

Evelyn, Flower Girl

Jerome & Evelyn Owens Wedding

JM & Rose Blaska's 1st Home

JM & Rose Blaska's 1st Home

Franz & Antonia Schuster

Great Grandma Schuster

Great Grandma Schuster

John P., Anna (Fiedler) & Ben Blaska

Anna, J.M., Evelyn & Kay

J.M. Blaska

J.M., Jerome & Bobby

Jerome, pre-war peas

JFK & Annie Blaska

J.M. Blaska

J.M & Rose Blaska's Farm

J.M & Rose Blaska's Farm

J.M., Anna & Mary Blaska 1890

John Blaska 1935

John Blaska

J.M. Blaska, Wis. Assembly

John P. & Anna (Fiedler) Blaska Family

Raising Tobacco

Reaper, Blaska Farm

Rose (Schuster) & J.M. Blaska Wedding, 1909

Rose (Schuster) & J.M. Blaska Wedding Party

Rose & Cy Blaska, Mary Suchomel

Rose, Evelyn & Lila Blaska

Irma (Fisher) Togstad

Marilyn (Kohn) Potthast, Ruth (Fisher) Kohn, Anna (Blaska) Fisher & Anna (Fiedler) Blaska

Jerome Fisher, Navy Ensign Lieutenant 1942

Jerome & Helen Blaska, post wedding

Greg & Laura Blaska, Helen & Jerome Blaska

JM, Cy, Grace & baby Mary Blaska

JM, Rose, Cy & Baby Mary Blaska

These are all of the pictures I have so far.  If you have any that you would like to put up, please contribute by contacting the author, mailto:  rich@blaska.com


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