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John Peregrin Blaska
by Frank I. Doudna

  The dairy interest of Wisconsin lost a valuable supporter in the passing of John Blaska, Sr.  He died at his farm home January 31 (1957) at the ripe age of 83.
    For 42 years he had been an active Holstein breeder, having purchased in 1901 his first purebred cow, Elba Girl from F. B. Fargo, Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

    His first purebred sire was Homestead Fayne De Kol, one of the very good sons of Homestead, Jr. De Kol, then owned by S. B. Jones & Sons of Watertown, Wisconsin.
    At the same time he added some good Ormsby cows from the same herd.  With this excellent foundation Mr. Blaska, by patient industry and untiring effort forged ahead until his herd has become widely known throughout southern Wisconsin.
    In 1908 he took out a membership in the National Holstein Friesian Association.  In January 1941, the Dane County Holstein Friesian Association honored him with two others as being the oldest breeders in the county.  They might have added, "as one of the most beloved breeders of his time."
    Mr. Blaska was not a plunger, but he had the keen ability of seeing ahead and knowing what was likely to be a good move.  This was shown by the fact that he was one of the first men in Dane County to erect a silo.  This was constructed of stone and was 20x36 ft.
    The work which he had so splendidly begun will be carried on by his two sons, Leonard M. and Ben C.  The herd is now on test in the Sun Prairie D. H. I. A.
    Mr. Blaska is survived by his widow, 3 sons and 6 daughters.  Funeral services were held at the Sacred Heart church in Sun Prairie on February 3.  The Catholic Order of Foresters of which he was a member, attended the body.

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